Mowing - Our advanced mowing equipment and techniques result in lawns that are more healthy and require less maintenance

Shrubbery and small tree pruning - Proper, timely pruning is the best preventive maintenance a young plant can receive. Pruning can train young trees to develop strong structure, encourage flower or fruit development, and helps hedges maintain density.

Debris removal - We can take care of unsightly garbage, debris, and yard waste that clutters your landscape.

Storm clean up - Strong winds can wreak havoc on your lawn. We can quickly have your landscape restored to its former beauty.

Bedding Preparation and Maintenance - Planting beds provide visual interest to your lawn. Proper preparation keeps grass and weeds from encroaching resulting in beautiful, low maintained beds.

Landscape maintenance - We offer comprehensive care to keep your landscape looking its best year round.

Overseeding - We calculate the quantity of new seed to apply to a lawn, prep the turf to optimize seed growth, then broadcast the seed in several different directions to ensure even spread. For new lawns, we can help you choose the best grass to suit your needs.

Fertilizing - We customize the type, timing, and amount of fertilizer to achieve optimum growth and, reduce weeds.

Pest/disease control - Overuse of pesticides can weaken soil and make it more susceptible to disease and pest infestation. We utilize the latest technology to eliminate pest and disease in the most efficient way using the least amount of chemicals.

Soil testing - Testing soil composition in the fall or spring before planting can prevent fertilization mistakes and protect investments in trees, shrubs, and sod. Periodic testing is also a good way to monitor the soil's nutrients.

Aeration - Proper aeration opens up the turf and allow nutrients and oxygen to penetrate the ground, yielding a healthier soil and stronger root system. September, October, and November are the ideal months for scheduling this procedure.

Mulch installation - Hardwood mulch or pine straw in planting beds can look great and protect your plants from excessive heat or drought as well as reduce weeds.